Tuesday, 2 May 2017


These questions are based on the pie charts which represent the shift in water usage between 2006 and 2009; based on a survey conducted by Central Water Commission.
Water Usage in 2006 (In Trillion Litters )
Water Usage in 2009 (In Trillion Litters )
Question 1: If the ratio of processing cost for water for industrial, energy and domestic usage is 3 : 5 : 2, what is the ratio of processing cost for above mentioned usage in 2006 to that in 2009?
(a) 0.68
(b) 0.72
(c) 0.60
(d) 0.77


Directions (1-10): In each of the following questions, a paragraph with a blank is given. From the five choices given below, select the sentence which can go into the blank to make the paragraph logically coherent.

Q1. Srinagar is the capital of Kashmir. There are very beautiful scenes all round. The Dal Lake is one among them. [__________] We can hire one of them and voyage along the length and breadth of the lake or live in it for a week or so.

(a) There are several guides to take us round.
(b)There we can see a number of house boats waiting to be hired by the tourists.
(c)It is difficult to count them.
(d)It was dark inside and bright outside.
(e) There are several tourists looking around the place.

Q2.Polio-affected children are found everywhere in India. Recently the Government has started Polio-eradication Scheme. [__________] Unless we take care to co-operate the purpose cannot be fulfilled.

(a) We must help children to take the proper vaccine.
(b) We must take the children to get vaccinated.
(c) Children must remain without any movement.
(d) We must make children exercise.
(e) We need experts to undertake such projects.