Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Directions (1-5): Study the following information and answer the following questions carefully.
Nine persons K, L, O, T, R, Q, M, S and P are sitting in a straight line. Some of them are facing north while some are facing south. Only two persons sitting together are facing the same direction.
·        Q is sitting third to the left of P and is facing south. R is an immediate neighbour of Q and is facing the same direction as M. Both the neighbours of O face the same direction.
·        K is not sitting at the extreme right of the row and he faces south. S is not the neighbour of K. R is at equal distance from P and K.
·        sits third to the right of Q and both face opposite directions. S is an immediate neighbour of P and faces south.
·        L and M face opposite directions and M is not an immediate neighbour of either K or T.
·        R sits in the middle of the row. L is facing south and is an immediate neighbour of K and O.
·        T sits second to the right of Q.


Directions (Q. 1-5): Answer the questions based on the following graph assuming that there is no fixed-cost component and all the units produced are sold in the same year.
1). In which of the following years per unit cost is the maximum?
a)   2010
b)   2012
c)   2011
d)   2014
e)   2016


Directions (1-5): In each of the following questions, there are four sentences or parts of sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s) that is/are correct in terms of grammar and usage (including spelling, punctuation and logical consistency). Then, choose the most appropriate option.

Q1. A. Sometimes, we think we are only the people with problems.
B. Our problems override other considerations; we can't think beyond our own vexations.
C. When we see a small dampness on our wall we scurry to get them repaired and corrected,
D. but we don't think of people whose homes have been washed away by the rage of the rain gods.
(a) A and B
(b) B and D
(c) C only
(d) C and D
(e) None of the above

Q2. A. Chen Jianping repeated again on twitter something her fiancé said
B. about anti-Japan protests getting violent, and added, "Charge, angry youth!"
C. For this she was sentenced one year in a labour camp.
D. Twitter is banned in China, but its easy to use blocked sites with simple internet tricks.
(a) A only
(b) B only
(c) C only
(d) B and D
(e) None of the above