Thursday, 16 February 2017



There are five units i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Each unit has different  height.  Also  each  unit  contains  books  and boxes. unit2 is above unit1 and unit3 is above unit2 and so  on.  Every  unit  is  belongs  to  different  country  i.e. Beijing,  Paris,  London,  Sydney  and  Zurich.  The  total height of all five units is equal to 252”ft.
*Total Height  of Unit  is equal  to the  total height  of books plus total height of boxes in each unit *Height of books is not equal to the height of boxes.Unless specified so.

The books belongs to London is an even unit. The total height of unit1 is 75”ft. Sydney is not   unit1. The total height of unit, which belongs to Sydney is 55”ft. There is only one gap between London and Paris. The height of books and height of boxes in unit3 are equal. The height of books in unit2 is not less than 30”ft. The books are in unit4  is  four more  than books, which  is  in unit3. The total  height  of  London  is not  37”ft.  The  total  height  of unit, which contains 37”ft is not taking   place, which is immediate  above  the  unit, which  contains  20”ft more
than  the  unit,  which  belongs  to  Sydney.  The  height  of boxes in unit2 is 23”ft. Unit belongs to Zurich does not contain  the  equal  height  of books and boxes. The  total height of unit2 is   odd number and height is more than 50”ft and less than 55”ft. Unit1 contains 23”ft height of boxes more  than  unit4  contains  height  of  boxes  and unit5  contains  7”ft  height  of  books  less  than  unit1 contains.