Thursday, 21 December 2017

Interview Experience-1

RRB PO INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE. TAMILNADU. 21-12-17. 8:30 pm . Panel 5.
Loc: srividhya college, viruthunagar.
830: documents were verified.
Around 10: i was made to sit outside my panel
Me: May i come in sir?
4 male and 1 female. All look 50+.
Whole interview for me was in english only.
M1: yes you may come in.
I sat down as they pointed to the chair.
M1: i like your hair. Its so vibrant.
Me: thank you sir. I took head bath today. So it doesnt settle.
M1: its okay. I like it.
Me: thank you sir.
M1: introduce about yourself.
Me: answered.
M2: so your father is a professor. Which college?
Me: answered.
M4: mother is a clerk? Which bank?
Me: answered.
Tell me about monetary policy.
Me: answered.
M3: so you say RBI controls the economy of the country. Lets say for example in cement sector. Theres a loss. How will RBI rectify that.
i tried to explain for this but he wasnt satisfied with my answer. He then said its okay and told me to look it up.
M1: what have you prepared for interview?
Me: banking, current affairs and about RRB.
M1: tell me about the bill which was recently passed?
Me: FRDI. Said the full form.
M1: so youre a production engineer graduate. Tell me the difference between mechanical engineering and production engineering?
Me: answered.
M2: How many states are there in India?
Me: 27 and i was stuttering. And i corrected myself saying 29 states and 7 union territories.
M4: tell me whos the chairman of IOB?
Me: answered
F1: Headquarters of pallavan grama bank?
Me: answered.
F1: does your place have an RRB? Have to visited it.
Yes maam. Its near my sisters college. I pass by it everyday. But havent visited it.
F1: Is this your first bank interview?
Me: answered.
F1: Did you write any other goverment exams?
Me: yes mam.
F1: what all did you write:
Me: IBPS PO, Clerk ( i chose to ignore OICL)
F1: Did you clear them?
Me: IBPS PO prelims i did mam.
All looked at eachother and said you may leave.
Apart from M3.. All asked direct questions. M3 made sure that i will give up on answering at one time and he succeeded.
All the best 😊

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