Thursday, 6 April 2017


1. Which of the following abbreviations and their expanded forms is NOT matched correctly?
1) BIFR: Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
2) CBS: Central Banking Solution
3) FPO: Follow-on Public Offer
4) NCD: Non-Convertible Debentures
5) None of these

2. Which of the following cannot be categorised as a debt instrument?
1) Loan
2) Certificate of deposit
3) Commercial paper
4) Bond
5) Stock

3.The break-even point is where-
1) Average revenue equals average cost
2) Marginal revenue equals mariginals cost
3) Total Revenue equals total cost
4) Mariginal revenue equals total cost
5) None of these 

4.Which revenue earned by union Government is not distributed among state government.
1) Custom duty
2) Income Tax
3) Excise Duty
4) sale tax
5) None of these 

5.The funds raised by the Government within the country is known as-
1) Domestic saving source
2) domestic banking source
3) Domestic budgetary source
4) Domestic budgetary source
5) None of these 

6..Who is authorised to Issue coins in India?
1) State Bank of India
2) RBI
3) Ministry of Finance
5) None of these 

7. This committee is associated with finance to small scale industries
1. C.E Kamath
2. Malegam
3. G.S Patel
4. Chatelier
5.None of these

8.Concept of Tobin Tax is associated with which field?
1. Foreign Exchange Transactions
2. Share Trading
3. Commodity Trading
4. Bullion Trading
5.None of these

9.What is the tagline of New Delhi headquartered Punjab National Bank?
a) Khayaal Aapka
b) Tradition of trust
c) The name you can bank upon
d) Developing Banking
e) None of the above

10.Which training exercise has been launched by Assam government and the Armed Forces for flood relief in Assam?

1)Exercise Malhar
2)Exercise Jalrahat
3)Exercise Prakampana
4)Exercise Sahayta
5)None of these 

11.Choose the correct option regarding headquarters -
1) EXIM Bank - Mumbai, NABARD - Mumbai, SIDBI - Mumbai
2) EXIM Bank - New Delhi, NABARD - Mumbai, SIDBI - Mumbai
3) EXIM Bank - Mumbai, NABARD - Mumbai, SIDBI - Lucknow
4) EXIM Bank - Mumbai, NABARD - Kolkata, SIDBI - Mumbai
5)None of these 

12.What is the main purpose to set up Small Banks?
1) Providing credit to small farmers, small business, unorganized sectors, etc.
2) Providing remittance / payment services
3) Providing credit to large industries
4) All of the above
5)None of these