Tuesday, 4 April 2017


1.“e-marketplace” web portal has been launched by which of the following union ministry for goods procurement?

1)Ministry of Commerce and Industry
2)Ministry of Home affairs
3)Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare
4)Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
5)None of these 

2.In the context of Capital Infusion, CAGR stands for _______________
1)Capital Annual Growth Rate
2)Capacity Annual Growth Rate
3)Compound Annuity Growth Rate
4)Compound Annual Growth Rate
5)Clear Annual Growth Rate 

3.The first public sector bank in India which obtained license for Internet Banking from RBI is....?
1. Punjab National bank
2. Oriental bank of Commerce
3. Corporation Bank
4. State Bank of India
5.None of these 

4.Permanent account number is must for..........?
1. Nostro accounts
2. numbered bank accounts
3. Joint accounts
4. Demat accounts 
5.None of these

5.Open market operation is a part of........?
1. Income policy
2. Fiscal Policy
3. Credit Policy
4. Labour Policy 
5.None of these

6.What is the share of sponsor bank in the capital of RRB?
1. 35%
2. 49%
3. 51%
4. 71%
5.None of these

7. Purchasing the securities at one market and selling the same securities at another market simultaneously is termed as:
1. Arbitrage
2. forfaiting
3. spread
4. factoring

8)In the term called as UNSCR, what do you mean by “S”?
1. Secondary
2. security
3. sensitivity
4. seniority
5. selectivity 

United Nations Security Council resolution

9.The stock exchange pertaining to BSE is sensex and NSE is nifty and in the case of Tokyo in Japan
1. Simix
2. Nikkei
3. Mibtel
4. Bovasta
5.none of the above 

10.Bank of America situated at New York is opening an account with State Bank of India at Kolkatta and what do you mean this?
1. Nostro account
2. Vostro account
3.Loro account
4. RFC account
5. FCNR account 

11. The returned non resident Indians are permitted to open the following accounts:
1. Non resident external account
2. Non resident ordinary account
3. RFC account
4. FCNR account
5.none of the above 

12.Which among the following is short term borrowings for any firm?
1. Debentures
3. long term loans availed from banks
4. subordinated borrowings
e) sundry creditors