Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions
There are 7 pairs of husband- wife among the following V, D, C, S, B, K, M, F, Z, A, X, G, N, H. They work in one of the seven banks namely IOB, KVB, IDBI, ING VYSYA, LVB, DENA BANK, and YES BANK. The husband and wife live together in the same city. The following information is known about them:
·        F is a female who lives in Nagpur and her husband works in ING VYSYA
·        There's only one pair who work in the same bank and they live in Agra.
·        M is a male whose wife works in LVB bank.
·        N is the husband of the one working in IOB in Indore
·        C & X are males who live in Coimbatore & Surat respectively and are married to S & A. but not necessarily in the same order.
·        Z, a male works with the IOB in Ahmedabad and the female with the LVB works in Hyderabad.
·        D & H are females and B is the husband of G
·        Z's wife and X work in KVB
·        K's husband works in YES BANK
·        X's wife and H's husband work in Dena Bank
·        A works in ING VYSYA.

1). N is working in which of the following banks?
c)   KVB
e)   Can’t be determined

2). Which of the following is correctly framed?
a)   Surat – X – A(ING VYSYA)
b)   C (LVB) – Coimbatore – A
c)   Hyderabad – M (YES BANK) – S (Dena Bank)
d)   Ahmedabad – S (Dena Bank) – C (LVB)
e)   None of these

3). D lives in which of the following cities?
a)   Ahmedabad
b)   Hyderabad
c)   Indore
d)   Agra
e)   Can’t be determined

4).Who among the following works in IOB?
a)   F
b)   H
c)   K
d)   Either b) or c)
e)   Either a) or b)

5). Z and A are working in which of the banks respectively?
b)   IDBI & LVB
d)   Dena Bank & KVB
e)   None  

Directions (Q. 6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions
Eight boxes are arranged in a stack from bottom to top numbered from 1-8 each having a different colour: green, black, blue, white, yellow, orange, red and pink not necessarily in the same order. They contain a different food item: fruits, burger, candy, chocolate, brownie, pastry, chips and coke not necessarily in the same order. The arrangement is based on the following rules:
·        The yellow box is kept at an even numbered position
·        There are 3 boxes between the yellow box and the box with coke
·        White box is either at the top or at the bottom of the stack
·        Box number 2 has fruits and it is not yellow in colour
·        Box with the Brownie is kept between the box having red colour and the box having chocolate
·        The green coloured box is kept 2 boxes above the blue box
·        There are 4 boxes between the box with burger and the red coloured box
·        There are 3 boxes between the box with brownie and the box with candy
·        Pink box is between the box with chips and the orange coloured box
·        The red box does not have chips.

6). If white box is replaced in the yellow’s stack position, how many boxes are in between Blue and White box?
a)   2
b)   3
c)   1
d)   5
e)   4

7). What is the position of Red Box from the Burger contained box?
a)   Below 2nd
b)   Below 3rd
c)   Below 6th
d)   Above 6th
e)   Above 3rd

8). If orange box is related to chips likewise, Red box is related to Chocolate, in the same way coke is related to which colour?
a)   Pink
b)   Black
c)   Yellow
d)   Blue
e)   Green

9). What is the correct order?
a)   4 – Black – Candy
b)   1 – White – Candy
c)   7 – Green – Chocolate
d)   5 – Blue – Chips
e)   None of these

10). Pastry is placed in which of the following colour box?
a)   Orange
b)   White
c)   Red
d)   Green
e)   Yellow

1. e)  2. b)  3. a)  4. d)  5. c)
     6. a) 7. d) 8. b) 9. d) 10. c)