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Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
The seven mobile manufacturing companies Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo, HTC, Oppo, Motorola, Vivo are having their plant in places namely Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Bihar not in the respective order. And the companies making contract with Sim dealers such as AIRTEL, VODAFONE, IDEA, BSNL, AIRCEL, DOCOMO and JIO. The Sim dealers are located in different places such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Patna not in the respective order.
·        JIO and BSNL are not contact with Andra Pradesh and West Bengal based companies respectively. Either Samsung or Vivo likes to contract with IDEA which is not located in Kolkata and Hyderabad
·        The dealer which located in Mumbai contract with the company that is located in Haryana.
·        Motorola contract with Hyderabad based dealer and is not located in Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh.
·        DOCOMO is Bangalore based dealer. And Kolkata based dealer not deals with Vivo and Samsung.
·        Maharashtra and Karnataka based companies making contract with Delhi and Patna based Sim dealers respectively.
·        Samsung is not serving to the Delhi and Mumbai based dealer. Lenovo is having plant in Bihar.
·        HTC do not dealing with dealers of Chennai, Mumbai and also DOCOMO dealer
·        The Mumbai based VODAFONE does not contract with Oppo and Nokia. Vivo which is located in Haryana doesn’t deal with Tamil Nadu based AIRTEL dealer. DOCOMO will contract with Bihar based company.
·        Chennai based dealer making deal with Oppo which is not located in Andra Pradesh and West Bengal
·        AIRCEL is not from Patna and Kolkata and makes deal with Nokia Company

1). HTC Contract with which of the following dealer?
b)   BSNL
c)   IDEA
d)   JIO

2).  VODAFONE contract with which of the following companies?
a)   Lenovo
b)   Motorola
c)   Oppo
d)   Vivo
e)   Nokia

3). Which of the following company plant located in Tamil Nadu?
a)   Vivo
b)   Lenovo
c)   Motorola
d)   Nokia
e)   Oppo

4). Which of the following combinations is true?
a)   Nokia – Tamil Nadu – AIRCEL - Chennai
b)   Samsung – Haryana – VODAFONE - Mumbai
c)   HTC - Andra Pradesh – BSNL - Kolkata
d)   Oppo – Maharashtra – AIRTEL - Delhi
e)   None of these

5). If ‘Samsung’ is related to ‘Kolkata’, ‘HTC’ is related to ‘Hyderabad’, then which following is ‘Motorola’ related to?
a)   Mumbai
b)   Chennai
c)   Delhi
d)   Bangalore
e)   Patna

Directions (6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
Eight persons from different countries such as Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland and Mauritius eating 8 different fruits such as Apple, Orange, Banana, Strawberry, Pears, Grapes ,Pineapple and Papaya . And each of them having a watch in the brand names of Fastrack, Citizen, Titan and Timex
The person who is from Belgium eating Papaya as a fruit. The person who is eating Pineapple having Timex watch. The third floor stayed person eating Orange and having a watch in the brand name of Fastrack. Banana is eaten by the person who is having Citizen watch. Minimum of three persons stayed below of Mauritius country man. And the person who belongs to Denmark not stayed in the odd numbered floor. The watch’s brand name Citizen and Timex having same number of country-men. Canada country man stayed two floor below from the person who is belongs to Belgium. The top floor is not occupied by the person from Iceland. The Titan owned person eating Apple. The persons from Denmark and Belgium having same watch brand and both of them not having Citizen watch and also three persons stayed in between them. The persons who are eating Strawberry fruit and Orange are having same watch brand with the one who is eating Pears. The Titan owned person stayed in fourth floor. There are four persons stayed in between of Iceland and Denmark. The lowest floor is occupied by the Finland country man. Only three persons having one kind of watch brand name and the person from Iceland who is eating Pears is one of them. The country man from Germany and the person who eating Pears are not stayed in the even numbered floor. Only one person having Titan watch. The Austrian who likes to eat Grapes stayed in even numbered floor and is having same watch brand name with the person , who is eating Banana also stayed in first floor. Timex watch is owned by the person who is from Denmark. The person who eating Papaya stayed above the floor of the person who is eating Pineapple. The Germany who is eating Orange having same watch brand with the country man from Mauritius

6).  Pears fruit eat by which of the following country person?
a)   Canada
b)   Belgium
c)   Denmark
d)   Austria
e)   Iceland

7). Which of the following person sits exactly between who are eating apple and papaya?
a)   The one who eats Orange fruit
b)   The one who eats Pineapple fruit
c)   The one who eats Grapes fruit
d)   The one who eats Strawberry fruit
e)   The one who eats Banana fruit

8). Who lives in the sixth floor?
a)   The one who is from Belgium
b)   The one who is from Denmark
c)   The one who is from Iceland
d)   The one who is from Austria
e)   The one who is from Mauritius

9). How many persons have Fastrack watches?
a)   One
b)   Two
c)   Three
d)   Four
e)   Five

10). Which of the following combinations is true?
a)   2 – Banana – Timex - Finland
b)   4 - Apple - Titan - Canada
c)   8 – Apple – Citizen - Finland
d)   7 - Orange – Fastrack - Austria
e)   None of these

Answer Key:
Direction (01 to 05):

1. b)  2. d)  3. e)  4. c)  5. a)

Direction (06 to 10):

6. e)  7. d)  8. a)  9. c)  10. b)