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Directions (1-10): In each question, there are five sentences or parts of sentences that form a paragraph. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s) that is/are correct in terms of grammar and usage (including spelling, punctuation and logical consistency). Then, choose the most appropriate option.

Q1. A. Charges and countercharges mean nothing.
B. to the few million who have lost their home.
C. The nightmare is far from over, for the government
D. is still unable to reach hundreds who are marooned.
E. The death count have just begun.
(a) A only
(b) C only
(c) A and C
(d) A, C and D
(e) D only

Q2. A. In response to the allegations and condemnation pouring in,
B. Nike implemented comprehensive policy changes in their labour policy.
C. Perhaps sensing the rising tide of labour concerns,
D. from the public would become a prominent media issue,
E. Nike sought to be a industry leader in employee relations.
(a) D and E
(b) D only
(c) A and E
(d) A and D
(e) B, C and E

Q3. A. In 1849, a poor Bavarian imigrant named Levi Strauss
B. Landed in San Francisco, California,
C. at the invitation of his brother-in-law David Stem
D. owner of dry goods business.
E. This dry goods business would later became known as Levi Strauss & Company.
(a) B only
(b) B and C
(c) A and B
(d) A only
(e) A, B and D

Q4. A. I did not know what to make of you.
B. Because you’d lived in India, I associate you more with my parents than with me.
C. And yet you were unlike my cousins in Calcutta, who seem so innocent and obedient when I visited them.
D. You were not curious about me in the least.
E. Although you did make effort to meet me.
(a) A only
(b) A and B
(c) A and E
(d) D only
(e) A and D

Q5. A. Relations are improving between the United States and Libya.
B. President Bush telephoned the Libyan leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi,
C. on Monday, after Libya has paid about $1.5 billion
D. to State Department to clear up terrorism-related claims
E. from bombings and hijackings during the 1980’s.
(a) A only
(b) A and B
(c) A and E
(d) C only
(e) C and D

Q6. A. I’ve had a intense year.
B. Due to the book launch and movie release, I’ve been out there on display,
C. focusing too much on the external world.
D. Its time to look within, get in touch with myself again and create something new.
E. As part of that, I have to stop the blog, interacting with media and other events.
(a) A only
(b) A and B
(c) A and E
(d) C only
(e) B and C

Q7. A. Now setting up Microsoft Project Manager to work with your company’s existing
B. IT infrastructure can be a complicated task.
C. Systems will have to replace to make them compatible, space has to be allocated
D. for new hardware and there are considerable cost in implementing a desirable system.
E. A data center has to be setup and your IT department has to complete all this in addition to their normal duties.
(a) A only
(b) B only
(c) B and E
(d) C only
(e) B and D

Q8. A. We are heading into an age in which jobs are
B. likely to be invented and made obsolete faster and faster.
C. The chances of today’s college kids working in the same jobs for the same companies for their whole careers is about zero.
D. In such a age, the greatest survival skill you can have is the ability to learn how to learn.
E. The best way to learn how to learn is to love to learn, and the best way to love to learn is to have teachers who inspire.
(a) A only
(b) A and B
(c) A, B and E
(d) B and C only
(e) C and D

Q9. A. A New Zealand company called HortResearch is a world renowned fruit science company,
B. and they develop a unique and innovative fruit and food products for sustainability.
C. One of their previous innovative technologies were in developing a bio sensor to measure the hormone levels in saliva.
D. This can be monitored in real time and also adopted to sports.
E. Right now, it is investigating technologies for measuring biochemical indicators of stress and performance in real time.
(a) A only
(b) A and B
(c) A and E
(d) E only
(e) A, C and E

Q10. A. Maragadavalli was running her father’s household ever since her mother had died when she was 13.
B. It took a long time for her family to settle down after that, and she was 26 by the time she had got married.
C. With 13 years of running a household under her belt, she married into a family meticulously run by mother-in-law.
D. She liked the fact that there were servant maids to help with the housework.
E. She had very less to do around the house except cut vegetable and wait for her husband to come back from work.
(a) A only
(b) A and D
(c) A and E
(d) D only
(e) A, C and E

Directions (11-15): In each question below, the word at the top of the question is used in four different ways. Choose the option in which the usage of the word is INCORRECT or INAPPROPRIATE.

(a) They were indicted for conspiracy and spent a year in jail.
(b) In Bosnia, US troops have usually declined to take part in the arrest of indicted war criminals.
(c) Last week, he was indicted by a grand jury.
(d) The critics have the right to praise or indict a literary work.
(e) All sentences are correct.

(a) Where would American cinema be without the car ramble or the road movie?
(b) Avoid long rambling sentences, jargon or unexplained acronyms.
(c) We have tours to suit all levels of ability from a gentle ramble to a Himalayan expedition.
(d) The internet forum gives you an opportunity to ramble on a bit.
(e) All sentences are correct.

(a) Electric cars are a nice idea, but they won’t work for mass transit or cargo.
(b) Passengers holding a direct airside transit visa will not be able to pass through immigration control.
(c) The transit of the property into the parties’ joint names was irrelevant.
(d) Mumbai and Delhi are building the infrastructure for rapid transit systems.
(e) All sentences are correct.

(a) The regulations imposed in the West to placate environmental opposition to GM foods effectively prevent the Third World from developing GM foods.
(b) The facts are incorrect and they have placated members of all political parties across the country.
(c) However, his statement did little to placate the unions who say that even negotiations cannot help in this matter.
(d) The government has a greater imperative to placate the farming lobby than protecting wildlife because of its political leverage.
(e) All sentences are correct.

(a) People have decided to ask the King to abdicate in favour of his son.
(b) We cannot abdicate the responsibility to deal with these acts in the correct manner.
(c) Our people have opted for democracy as a way of life from which we will not abdicate.
(d) People wonder whether computer programmes will abdicate the role of the human brain.
(e) All sentences are correct.


S1. Ans.(d)
Sol. A, C and D are correct. B is incorrect in the singular use of ‘million’ with few – it should be few millions. E needs to link the singular subject the death count(use singular verb -has). Countercharge 
as one word is correct like counterchallenge.

S2. Ans.(d)
Sol. A and D. B is incorrect because the plural pronoun ‘their’ is used for Nike (company) C is incorrect because of the comma at the end separating it from the remaining part of the phrase ‘labour concerns from the public’. E has the incorrect article a before industry – an industry is correct.

S3. Ans.(a)
Sol. B only. The word immigrant is spelt incorrectly in A. B has no errors. C is incorrect because David Stern is parenthetical hence should be surrounded by commas. D is incorrect because dry goods business needs a determiner – ‘owner of a dry goods business’. E is incorrect in tense ‘would later become’ and not ‘would later became’.

S4. Ans.(e)
Sol. A and D are correct. B has a tense error, it should be I associated… C also has a tense error, it should be who seemed so innocent… E is incorrect, although is a conjunction; it is here as an 
adverb – it is better replaced with however.

S5. Ans.(b)
Sol. A and B. Fragment C has a tense error ‘has paid ‘should be ‘had paid’ because of ‘telephoned’ in the earlier fragment. D should have ‘the’ before State Department. E has an inappropriate apostrophe in the plural of 1980s. A and B are correct. Hence option B.

S6. Ans.(e)
Sol. B and C. A is incorrect – it should be an intense year. In D it’s is needed instead of its. E has a parallelism error. “to stop the blog, media interactions and other events” would be correct with all the items in the series as nouns.

S7. Ans.(b)
Sol. B only. A is incorrect because there should be a comma after introductory adverbs like now. (Now the trouble began is correct – now is not an introductory word.) B is correct. C is incorrect – systems will have to replace should read as to be replaced. D is incorrect. It should be there are considerable costs. E is incorrect IT department is singular (the verb has is correct) but the pronoun ‘their’ is incorrect. The pronoun should be its.

S8. Ans.(c)
Sol. A, B and E are correct. ‘head into’ is idiomatically correct. (Motorola is heading into an abyss) C is incorrect because ‘chances’ needs a plural verb – the sentence has is. In such a age is incorrect – 
it should be “an age”.

S9. Ans.(c)
Sol. A and E only. B is incorrect – the pronoun “they” is inconsistent with HortResearch which is singular, also, “a unique and innovative fruit and food products” should be corrected to “unique and innovative fruit and food products”. C is incorrect “one of their” is inconsistent with HortResearch, and one of previous innovative technologies is singular, hence the verb should be was and not were. D is incorrect because adopt is confused with adapt. A and E are correct.

S10. Ans.(d)
Sol. D only. A has a tense error – when since is used as conjunction to show the time the perfect tense is a must. The sentence should read “Maragadavalli had been running her father’s household ever since …”. Also there is ambiguity in “ … mother had died when she was 13.” B also has a tense error. “By the time she got married” rather than “she had got married” – the unnecessary shift in tense makes the sentence meaningless. E is incorrect. The intensifier ‘very’ is used incorrectly with the comparative less, it should read very little rather than very less.

S11. Ans.(d)
Sol. INDICT-formally accuse of or charge with a crime. The word ‘indict’ is incorrectly used in option D.

S12. Ans.(a)
Sol. RAMBLE-talk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential way. a walk taken for pleasure in the countryside. The word ‘ramble’ is incorrect in option A.

S13. Ans.(c)
Sol. TRANSIT-the action of passing through or across a place.the carrying of people or things from one place to another. The word ‘transit’ is incorrect in sentence C.

S14. Ans.(b)
Sol. PLACATE-make (someone) less angry or hostile. The word ‘placate’ is incorrect in sentence B.

S15. Ans.(d)
Sol. ABDICATE-(of a monarch) renounce one's throne.
fail to fulfil or undertake (a responsibility or duty). ‘abdicate’ is incorrectly used in option D.