Sunday, 2 April 2017



  1. SBI has merged its operations with its four associate banks and
  2. A.Bharatiya Mahila Bank
    B.United Bank of India
    C.Bandhan Bank
    D.City Union Bank

  3. Man who sets Guinness World Record by eating most hamburgers in one minute, recently
  4. A.Takeru Kobayashi
    C.Filipino Ricardo
    D.Peter Czerwinski

  5. The inventor of gay rights rainbow flag who died recently
  6. A.Betsy Ross
    B.Christopher Gadsden
    C.Morris Harris
    D.Gilbert Baker

  7. Who is the director of the film ‘Poorna’, which is based on a true story of Poorna Malavath, the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest on May 2014?
  8. A.Rahul Bose
    B.Guru Dutt
    C.Ritwik Ghatak
    D.Bimal Roy

  9. Who has been appointed as the new Vice Chancellor of Nalanda University?
  10. A.Jayati Ghosh
    B.Deepa Kumar
    C.Bishnupriya Dutt
    D.Sunaina Singh

  11. New Development Bank is headquartered in
  12. A.Moscow, Russia
    B.Shanghai, China
    C.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    D.Delhi, India

  13. Who is the present president of BRICS New Development Bank?
  14. A.N S Vishwanathan
    B.Raghuram Rajan
    C.K. V. Kamath
    D.Urjit Patel

  15. India signs First loan agreement with BRICS New Development Bank financing of
  16. A.US$ 350 Million
    B.US$ 250 Million
    C.US$ 450 Million
    D.US$ 150 Million

  17. India signs First Loan Agreement with BRICS NDB for Development and Upgradation of Major District Roads Project in
  18. A.Andhra Pradesh
    B.Arunachal Pradesh
    C.Uttar Pradesh
    D.Madhya Pradesh

  19. Recently, Karnataka Bank and SBI Card have launched two variants of the co-branded credit card - 'Karnataka Bank Platinum SBI Card' and
  20. A.Karnataka Bank BestSAVE SBI Card
    B.Karnataka Bank SimplySAVE SBI Card
    C.Karnataka Bank JustSAVE SBI Card
    D.Karnataka Bank QuickSAVE SBI Card

  21. Who has been appointed as Chairman of Central Board of Excise and Customs?
  22. A.Kaushal Srivastava
    B.Najib Shah
    C.Vanaja N. Sarna
    D.K.V. Chowdary

  23. Which country has committed an “official development assistance” (ODA) of 371 billion yen for infra projects in India?
  24. A.Japan

  25. Who is the present Civil Aviation Minister of India?
  26. A.Radha Mohan Singh
    B.Jual Oram
    C.Ashok Gajapathi Raju
    D.Anant Geete

  27. What is the full form of regional air connectivity scheme UDAN?
  28. A.Ude Direct ka Aam Naagrik
    B.Ude Defence ka Aam Naagrik
    C.Ude Digital ka Aam Naagrik
    D.Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik

  29. Under UDAN Scheme, Govt awards rights to fly 128 routes to five airlines. Which of the following airlines does not got that rights?
  30. A.Air India
    B.Turbo Megha

  31. Who is the CEO of Apple technology Company?
  32. A.Tim Cook
    B.Jerry Kennelly
    C.John Donahoe
    D.Frank DSouza

  33. To boost growth in India's iOS developer community, recently, Apple has announced the opening of its new App Accelerator in
  34. A.Kolkata

  35. Which Indian Film as World's first feature film to release in 16D?
  36. A.Judwa 2
    B.Bank Chor
    C.Jagga Jasoos

  37. Israel has approved the establishment of its first new Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank in two decades. Who is the present Prime minister of Israel?
  38. A.Rami Hamdallah
    B.Charles Michel
    C.Reuven Rivlin
    D.Benjamin Netanyahu

  39. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) has successfully commissioned India’s first 800 MW coal-based supercritical thermal power plant in
  40. A.Raichur, Karnataka
    B.Trichy, Tamil Nadu
    C.Haridwar, Uttarakhand
    D.Hyderabad, Telangana

  41. Nobel Prize for Literature was started in
  42. A.1904

  43. The American singer who was awarded the Nobel Literature prize in October but failed to travel to pick up the award and finally accept his prize this weekend is
  44. A.Bruno Mars
    B.Justin Bieber
    C.Bob Dylan
    D.Katy Perry

  45. Which mobile app will give full details of the car and the owner, including his driving licence and registration certificate if a vehicle number is entered into the app?
  46. A.m-parivahan

  47. Who is the present Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways?
  48. A.Arun Jaitley
    B.Kalraj Mishra
    C.Suresh Prabhu
    D.Nitin Jairam Gadkari

  49. To provide a comprehensive digital solution for enforcement of traffic rules, Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has launched two mobile apps named
  50. A.e-transport and m-parivahan
    B.e-challan and m-parivahan
    C.e-road and e-challan
    D.m-traffic and e-transport

  51. President Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the biggest river festival of India, Namami Brahmaputra, in
  52. A.Tripura
    D.Arunachal Pradesh

  1. A.Bharatiya Mahila Bank
  2. C.Filipino Ricardo
  3. D.Gilbert Baker
  4. A.Rahul Bose
  5. D.Sunaina Singh
  6. B.Shanghai, China
  7. C.K. V. Kamath
  8. A.US$ 350 Million
  9. D.Madhya Pradesh
  10. B.Karnataka Bank SimplySAVE SBI Card
  11. C.Vanaja N. Sarna
  12. A.Japan
  13. C.Ashok Gajapathi Raju
  14. D.Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik
  15. C.IndiGo
  16. A.Tim Cook
  17. D.Bengaluru
  18. B.Bank Chor
  19. D.Benjamin Netanyahu
  20. A.Raichur, Karnataka
  21. B.1901
  22. C.Bob Dylan
  23. A.m-parivahan
  24. D.Nitin Jairam Gadkari
  25. B.e-challan and m-parivahan
  26. C.Assam