Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Raaghav, Elayaraja, Sandeep, Santhosh, Madhavi, Eeshwar, Madhuri and Rahul were among those
athletes who qualified for the Asian Games 2014. There were three Cycling players, two
Weightlifting players and one each player playing Boxing, Swimming and Wrestling among them.
Three of them received no medal while two won gold medal, two won silver medal and one of them
won a bronze medal
• The one who won bronze medal does not play Boxing.
• Sandeep does not play Weightlifting
• One of the Cycling players won a silver medal but that person is not Rahul.
• Elayaraja won a medal in Boxing event but not gold.
• Santhosh has won a gold medal but not in Wrestling or Weightlifting
• Rahul has won a medal but not silver.
• Eeshwar is among those three players who have to settle with no medal and he plays Cycling.
• One of the Weightlifting players won no medal while the other Weightlifting player won a gold medal.
• Madhavi won a medal in the Swimmings event and Madhuri won a silver medal.

1). Who among the following is not a cycling player?
a) Santhosh b) Eeshwar c) Madhuri d) Rahul e) Cannot be determined
2). Boxer won which medal?
a) Gold b) Silver c) Bronze d) Either b) or c) e) None
3). Santhosh won gold medal in which event?
a) Weightlifting b) Swimming c) Cycling d) Wrestling e) None of these
4). Which sport event won more number of medals compared to other event?
a) Cycling b) Weightlifting c) Wrestling d) Boxing e) Swimming
5). Who are won silver medal?
a) Madhuri, Rahul b) Sandeep, Madhuri c) Madhuri, Madhavi d) Madhuri, Elayaraja e) Santhosh, Rahul
Puzzle II
Nine people X, Y, Z, Q, P, T, U, R, V stay in a building. The building has nine floors and only one person stays on one floor. Each of them likes different movies namely- Dangal, Ghazi, Sultan, Kick, Raees, Kaabil, Baahubali, Kahaani and Sholay. Each person belongs to different cities, i.e. Chennai, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Bhopal, Madurai, Mumbai, Rajkot, Allahabad and Hyderabad but not necessarily in the same order. The ground floor is numbered 1, the floor above it is numbered 2, and so on, and the topmost floor is numbered 9.
The one who belongs to Allahabad stays on the 4th floor. There are 4 floors between the floors on which Q & U stay with Q living above U. Z stays on the floor immediately above R's floor. The one who likes Dangal stays on an even numbered floor and is a neighbor of the one who likes Ghazi. V does not belong to Coimbatore. The one who belongs to Chennai stays on the topmost floor. The one who likes Baahubali stays immediately below the one who likes Raees. P likes Kahaani. T belongs to Madurai and stays on 8th floor. There are 3 persons between the one who likes Kick and the one who like Kahaani. There are two floors between the floors on which people from Hyderabad and Allahabad stay. P stays immediately below the floor on which the person from Bhopal lives. The person who likes Kaabil belongs to Coimbatore and stays on an odd numbered floor. V stays on the bottommost floor. The person who likes Sultan is from Bhopal and stays on 6th floor. The person from Rajkot stays on 2nd floor. The persons from Mumbai and Coimbatore are not the neighbors of the person from Bhopal. Q likes Ghazi and U does not like Dangal. Y does not live below the floor of X.
6). The person who likes Raees movie belongs to which city?
a) Coimbatore b) Bhopal c) Rajkot d) Allahabad e) None of these
7). Z stays on which floor?
a) First b) Fourth c) Fifth d) Third e) None of these
8). The person from Kolkata likes which movie?
a) Sultan b) Baahubali c) Ghazi d) Kahaani e) Sholay
9). How many floors are these in between P and V?
a) Two b) Three c) Four d) Six e) None of these
10). Who belongs to Hyderabad?
a) T b) X c) U d) Q e) R


 1)D 2)B 3)C 4)A 5)D 6)C 7)B 8)D 9)B 10)D