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Directions (Q.1 -5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
9 friends Ajay, Bhisup, Civesh, Dinesh, Evesh, Fervesh, Gukan, Harish and Ismail were seated around a circular table facing the centre. They were playing the game of cards and everyone was holding a single card bearing a number from 2-10 not necessarily in the same order. It was further known that:
  • Evesh and Bhisup had cards whose product was equal to the product of Dinesh and Civesh 's cards.
  • Dinesh and Civesh had even numbered cards.
  • B had a number that was twice of Civesh 's card number. Bhisup and Civesh sit together.
  • The person with the lowest card number was 2nd to the left of Harish
  • Dinesh sat 4th to the left of Civesh and the sum of their card numbers was equal to the card number of Fervesh
  • Gukan got a smaller card number than Evesh
  • 3 persons were seated between the persons having the card numbers 7 and 5 when counted in a clockwise manner from 5
  • Ismail was seated 3rd to the left of Bhisup. Ismail had a card number greater than Bhisup
  • Harish was to the immediate right of Fervesh.
1). What is the position of Ajay with respect to the one have card number 6?
a)    Immediate left
b)    Immediate right
c)    Second to the right
d)    Second to the left
e)    Third to the right
2). How many persons had a card number greater than the card number of the one who to the immediate right of Evesh?
a)    None
b)    One
c)    Two
d)    Three
e)    More than three
3). What is he difference between Ajay and Dinesh’s card numbers?
a)    1
b)    2
c)    3
d)    4
e)    5
4). In which of the following groups is the 3rd person seated exactly in between the 1st and the 2ndpersons?
a)    Bhisup Civesh Ajay
b)    Ajay Dinesh Evesh
c)    Dinesh Harish Evesh
d)    G Civesh Bhisup
e)    Bhisup Gukan Farvesh
5). What card number does the person has who is to the immediate left of Ismail?
a)    3
b)    5
c)    9
d)    6
e)    8

Directions (Q.6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
Twelve people are sitting in two parallel rows. In row 1, Avikshit, Avinash, Ayush, Atulya, Avanish and Atmaja are sitting facing towards south. In row 2, Aadesh, Aabheer, Aafreen, Aakash, Aashish and Abhilash are sitting facing towards north. They are sitting in a manner that each person sitting in row 1 faces exactly one person sitting in row 2. Each of these twelve persons except two has a different favorite colour.
  • Aabheer likes pink and is sitting opposite to the one who is second to the left of Ayush who likes Grey.
  • Neither Aabheer nor Ayush sits at any of the extreme end.
  • Aakash and the one who likes Green sit at extreme end of the row, but they do not face each other.
  • Only three people sit between Aafreen and the person who likes Blue.
  • Aafreen faces Avanish, who likes Red.
  • Atmaja sits second to the right of Atulya, who likes Brown.
  • Four people sitting at extreme end like white, green, blue and purple color.
  • Aadesh likes black and is sitting third to the left of Aafreen
  • Avinash does not face Aabheer while Aashish faces Atulya
  • Aakash is a neighbour of Aadesh while Abhilash is not
  • There are three people between the two who like green and grey
  • The one who likes yellow is sitting immediate left of the person who likes purple
6). Who is sitting second to the right of the one who faces Atulya?
a)    Aadesh
b)    Aabheer
c)    Aafreen
d)    Aakash
e)    Aashish

7). Find the odd one out?
a)    Atmaja
b)    Avinash
c)    Aakash
d)    Abhilash
e)    Atulya

8). Who is sitting between Atulya and the person who likes Red color?
a)    Avikshit
b)    Avinash
c)    Ayush Atulya
d)    Avanish
e)    None

9). What is the favourite color of Aashish?
a)    Blue
b)    Black
c)    White
d)    Grey
e)    None

10). Which of the following combination between person and color is incorrect?
a)    Aadesh-Black
b)    Atulya -Brown
c)    Ayush -Grey
d)    Avanish-Red
e)    All are correct


1) Answer: e)
2) Answer: b)
3) Answer: a)
4) Answer: d)
5) Answer: a)
6) Answer: c)
7) Answer: e)
8) Answer: a)
9) Answer: e)
10) Answer: e)