Saturday, 25 March 2017


There are eight persons-D, E, F, G, H, Q, R and S and out of them 4 are females. They sit in a row facing south direction and have different brands of watches-Sonata, Titan, Rolex, Fastrack and Omega. Only one person has Sonata and not more than two persons have the same watch. The following information is known about them- 

The two males having Rolex form the only pair who has the same watch and is sitting together (Apart from these two, no other two adjacent people have same watch). Neither G nor F has Fastrack. S sits 4th to the left of Q. F sits adjacent to D and H. D who is the wife of E is sitting at 4th position from left end according to their own direction. R who is the husband of G has Titan and sits 2nd to the right of Q and none of them sits at extreme end. E sits to the immediate right of Q. The persons who have Omega have two persons in between them. Two females sit adjacent to each other and one of them sit on one of the extremes.