Friday, 24 March 2017


Directions: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below: 

Forbes list of most popular persons 2017, selected 11 celebrities from all over the world. They are from different Countries and different fields. 

The conditions are: 
The list has 5 Actors, 1 Footballer, 1 Cricketer and 4 Politicians. 
They got different Rank from 1 to 11 (rank 1 is best and rank 11 is least). Actors got the ranks from 1 to 5, the footballer and the Cricketer got 6 and 7 rank (in no specific order) and the Politicians got the ranks from 8 to 11. Some important notes are: 
* USA had 3 persons in the list which was the most for any country (No other country had more than 2 persons in the list) while India and Argentina were the only countries that had 1 person each. 

* Putin from France got the 6th Rank. 
* In terms of ranks Modi was immediately followed by Trump, who was immediately followed by Tom Cruise. (Modi got the better rank in these three persons.) 
* Shahrukh did not belong to Argentina. 
* Vin Diesel, who was from India, was the footballer and he was immediately before Tom Hanks in the rank. 
* Obama and Kohli were from Canada, and they got 2 and 10 ranks respectively. 
* The politician who got 9th rank was from Argentina. 
* Messi and Modi were from same country, which was not China, and exactly one person was between them in the ranking list. 
* Two of the actors were from China. 
* Johnny Depp was one of the Politicians. 
* Tom hanks was not from USA.