Sunday, 19 March 2017


Formal Letter Writing Format

1. Address of the writer 
  • Your address 
  • Do not write original address 
  • Try ABC and XYZ 
2. Date Date of exam 

3. Address of the person to whom you’re writing. 

Ex. Branch Manager 

ABC Bank 

New Delhi-22 

4. Subject Brief reason of the letter (ex. Application for leave) 

5. Salutation - Sir/Madam (Please remember) 

6. Body of the letter 
  • Short, precise paragraphs. Not too many paragraphs 
  • Avoid long sentences Think before writing 
  • Be creative and original Use simple floral language 
  • Take care of spellings and punctuation 
  • Good handwriting Be clear in you ideas and words 
  • Do not show aggressiveness Do not be rude. Be polite in requests. 
  • Do not end abruptly End with a proper conclusion 
  • Ideally it should be 3 paras Introduction of idea, explanation of problem, conclusion 

7. Subscription: Yours faithfully /Sincerely (are the only words to be used in formal letters) 

(Please note it is yours and not you’re”) 

8. Signature: Your name would be sufficient

Informal Letter Writing Format

1. Address: Your address in brief 

Just one line. 

Ex. Annaram, Manakondur, Karimnagar. 

2. Date Exam date 

3. Salutation: Dear Mom/Dad/Sister/Brother 

4. Body 
  • Again 3-4 paragraphs maximum but ideally 2-3 
  • Be polite Be creative and original 
  • Show emotion … ‘I really miss having our daily talks’ 
  • But do not forget the main topic on which you are write the letter. 
5. Subscription: Yours affectionately/Loving/Truly, 

6. Signature: Your first name. Not your full name 

Yours lovingly 


Q. Write a Letter to the Manager of a Bank requesting for granting loan for further studies.


Hyderabad – 500013
Date – 6/March/2013

The Manager
Bank of India
Subject – Application for the loan for studies
     I have come to know that your bank provides loans to deserving students to pursue higher studies. I should like to be considered for grant of loan under this scheme.
    I would like to bring to your kind notice that I have qualified the entrance test for Engineering. I am keen to join this course. But I belong to a poor family. Hence, my father cannot afford the expenses of my higher studies.
Therefore, I request you to kindly grant necessary loan for my higher studies. I promise you that I shall abide by all the terms and conditions of the loan. I will be happy to produce certificates and documents which you may require in this connection.
Looking forward to receiving an earlier and favourable reply.

Your’s faithfully


Sample Letter : Letter to a friend inviting him for your birthday party.

12 XYZ Lane,
PO Box: 1234,

13th February 2014

Dear Shyam,

How are you my friend? It has been some time since we met. How was your trip to Kerala? Hope you enjoyed. I received all the postcards which you had sent me from there. Thanks a bunch! I loved each of them.

Hey! Guess what? My Aunt has organized an early birthday party for me, and she has asked me to invite all my friends. You know very well that no party of mine is complete without you. So please be at my place this Sunday. The party doesn't start till 4, but do come early so then we can play with my new play station. Bring Anjali along with you too. Don't be late.

Hope you parents are all right? Give them my regards. And wish you all the best for your basketball match today. Miss you loads pal. See you this Sunday.

Take care,

A few examples of Business Letter:(15 marks)
  1. Writing a job offer acceptance letter for the post of Assistant Manager
  2. Complaint to CEO regarding the extra work in office
  3. Letter to bank manager requesting to extend the joining period as you have received the offer letter for the bank job.
  4. Write a letter to the Editor, the Hindu, expressing your deep concern on the impact of adult graded cinemas on young minds.
  5. Write a letter to your manager asking permission for a leave to attend a family function.
  6. Write a letter to a student preparing for his Board Examination giving tips healthy study habits.
  7. Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper commending it on an article published in it regarding Environmental awareness and adding your own views on the duty of every citizen to protect the environment.
  8. Write a letter To the bank manager for closing of your savings account Write a letter To you bank for a loan to have higher studies in USA.
  9. Write a letter to the company for accepting the job offer of an assistant manager in the company
  10. Write a letter on behalf of your department to the CEO of your company for working in late hours and not appreciated by management members.