Friday, 3 March 2017


Fill in the blanks, which is BASED ON NEW PATTERN

1.Article 371A of the Constitution secures a special status for Nagaland. But as the civil society groups_____________for reservation have_____________, urban local bodies are not part of traditional Naga society, and ULBs are constitutional bodies to which customary Naga laws cannot be _____________. The conduct of the long-delayed elections was achieved after a protracted legal struggle led by women’s groups. Arguments against women’s reservation_____________Naga customs have been consistently_____________by the courts, ultimately paving the way for elections to be announced for February 1.
1)  satisfied, abnegate, prevented,deprecating, pressed
2) striving , argued, applied, invoking, quashed
3) unassuming,  gainsay, rescinded, castigating, pulped
4) fulfilled, convicted, disallowed, pronouncing, smashed
5) content, debated, disclaimed, , censuring, squashed

2.The prospect of “shifts in the direction of_____________and nativism” could threaten the global market for goods, services and labour. The Survey conservatively projects growth for the coming fiscal at 6.75%-7.5%, with a caveat that_____________ effects from demonetisation, oil prices and the possible rise of trade protectionism could_____________the forecast.
1) djudge, doughy, proscribe
2) reprobate, brewed, , decry
3) isolationism, lingering, jeopardise
4) pulverized, masticated, contravene
5) macerated, reprehend, pasty

3.These objectives are important. India imported Rs. 2.1 lakh crore worth of gold in the financial year 2014-15, not counting jewellery. So far, Rs 1.12 lakh crore worth of gold has been imported between April and September 2015. The idea is that by reducing these_____________quantities of imports, the government can try to_____________India’s current account deficit and trade deficit (the margin by which India’s imports exceed its exports).
1) denunciate, liberal
2) steeped, disparage
3) whopping ,narrow
4) hashed,  infused
5) chewed, reproach

4.The panel, in its 140-page report,_____________in detail the_____________of the parties and rightly concluded that India, by imposing a mandatory domestic_____________requirement, had violated its national treatment obligation.
1) inspected,  contention, wanting
2) examined ,submission ,content
3) grazed, detention, depressed
4) nibbled, demolish, upset
5) perused, spongy, pounded

5.If the objective is to produce more clean energy, then solar power producers should be free to choose energy-generation equipment on the basis of price and quality,_____________of whether they are manufactured locally or not.
1) discontent
2) striking
3) safeguard
4) irrespective
5) warding off

6.The price of gold internationally is linked to the dollar. The new gold bonds, if made attractive enough, could become a_____________to rupee bonds. Basically, Indians will start_____________their money into a type of dollar bond rather than rupee bonds. This might exert an_____________pressure on interest rates.
1) unconfined, unrestricted, reprove
2) substitute, putting ,upward
3) contend,  screen, shield
4) contradict, combat, counteraction
5) retardation, glance at, intransigence

7.India therefore did not itself believe that the local_____________requirement under the programme was imposed for the ‘conservation’ of ‘clean air’.
1) decocted
2) content
3) denounce
4) belittle
5) depreciate

8.India also argued that the measure was_____________under the general exceptions since it was necessary to secure_____________with its domestic and international law obligations relating to ecologically sustainable development and climate change.
1) justified ,compliance
2) withstanding , doom
3) obstruction, parrying
4) defiance, counter
5) struggle, chide
9.Domestic content measures, despite their immediate political gains, have a_____________to skew competition.
1) penchant
2) dissatisfied
3) impediment
4) tendency
5) friction

10.Devoting a whole chapter to demonetisation, the Survey_____________ fast, demand-driven remonetisation, further tax reforms, including_____________land and real estate under the_____________of the Goods and Services Tax, and reducing tax rates and stamp duties. It cautions against tax authorities turning_____________. It flags the risks that Brexit and the U.S. election result_____________to the world economic order, and to India’s economy.
1) rebuff, sphere, partiality, predisposition, slant
2) halting, hindrance, holding, impedance, compass
3) cursorily, dispute, evert, pulpy, enthusiastic,
4) upbraid, explode, extension, demonstrative, knock
5) recommends, bringing, ambit ,overzealous,pose
1.Answer – 2)
Explanation : striving , argued, applied, invoking, quashed 

2.Answer – 3)
Explanation : isolationism, lingering, jeopardise 

3.Answer – 3)
Explanation : whopping ,narrow 

4.Answer – 2) 
Explanation : examined ,submission ,content

5.Answer – 4)
Explanation : irrespective

6.Answer – 2)
Explanation : substitute, putting ,upward 

7.Answer – 2) 
Explanation : content

8.Answer – 1) 
Explanation : justified ,compliance 

9.Answer – 4)
Explanation : tendency

10.Answer – 5) 
Explanation :  recommends, bringing, ambit ,overzealous,pose