Sunday, 19 March 2017


1. Which among the following is short term borrowings for any firm?
a) Debentures;
b) shares;
c) long term loans availed from banks;
d) subordinated borrowings;
e) sundry creditors

2. What do you mean by the rate of discount at which the Reserve Bank of India discounts the first class bills of exchange brought by the banks in the country?
a) Repo rate;
b) bank rate;
c) reverse repo rate;
d) cash reserve ratio;
e) none of the above

3. The stock exchange pertaining to BSE is sensex and NSE is nifty and in the case of Tokyo in Japan
a) Simix;
b) Nikkei;
c) Mibtel;
d) Bovasta;
e) none of the above

4. When it comes to electronic banking which among the following are not coming under the purview of electronic banking?
a) Debit cards;
b) credit cards;
c) mobile banking;
d) safe deposit locker;
e) internet banking

5. Bank of America situated at New York is opening an account with State Bank of India at Kolkatta and what do you mean this?
a) Nostro account;
b) Vostro account;
c) Loro account;
d) RFC account;
e) FCNR account

6. The returned non resident Indians are permitted to open the following accounts:
a) Non resident external account;
b) Non resident ordinary account;
c) RFC account;
d) FCNR account;
e) none of the above

7. What do you mean by RIDF?
a) Rural India development fund;
b) Rural Infrastructure development fund;
c) Rural Innovative development fund;
d) Rural Industrial development fund;
e) none of the above

8. In the term called as UNSCR, what do you mean by “S”?
a) Secondary;
b) security;
c) sensitivity;
d) seniority;
e) selectivity

9. Purchasing the securities at one market and selling the same securities at another market simultaneously is termed as:
a) Arbitrage;
b) forfaiting;
c) spread;
d) factoring;
e) advancing

10. Find the odd man out when it comes to sanctioning of loans to a customer?
a) Borrowing;
b) lending;
c) advancing;
d) procuring;
e) extending credit