Sunday, 5 February 2017


Directions (Q1-Q5): Read the following information carefully and answers the questions that follow:
Praveen, Pallavi, Prabhu, Pavani, Prem, Pooja, and Priya are seven teachers working in four institutes namely Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada and Godavari. These institutes are operated by the group of seven teachers mentioned above. The institutes are open only on Sunday. At least one teacher visits the coaching institute on each Sunday but no institute is visited by more than two teachers. Each teacher teaches different subjects. Subjects are: Hindi, English, Maths, Physic,History, Biology and Sanskrit. The names of the subjects are not necessarily in the same order as the names of the teachers. Now study some additional clues.
  • Pooja, who teaches Sanskrit, visits alone the institute Yamuna.
  • The one who teaches Maths does not visit the institute Ganga. also, he never visits with Prem or Priya.
  • Pallavi visit the institute Narmada,she does not teach Maths.
  • Prabhu visit the institute Narmada. Priya does not teaches Physics.
    The one who teaches Maths visits the institute with the person who teaches Hindi.
  • The one who teaches History visits the institute Godavari.
  • Praveen teaches neither English nor Physics. All the persons follow the same routine on every Sunday.
  • Pavani visits the institute Godavari with the person who teaches Physics.
  • 1) Which of the following statement is/are true?
    1.Pavani teaches Physics in the institute Ganga.
    2.Prabhu teaches Maths in the institute Yamuna.
    3.The one who teaches Biology is in the institute Ganga
    4.Prem teaches in the institute Narmada
    5.None is true
  • 2)Pooja visits which of the following institutes and is handling which subject?
    1.Narmada, English
    2.Yamuna, Hindi
    3.Godavari, Sanskrit
    4.Yamuna, Sanskrit
    5.Narmada, Hindi
  • 3)Who among the following teaches Hindi in which institute?
    1.Priya, Ganga
    2.Pallavi, Godavari
    3.Priya, Narmada
    4.Prem, Godavari
    5.Pallavi, Narmada
  • 4)In which of the following institute the teacher visiting is only one?
    4.Both 1 and 2
  • 5)Which of the following statement is incorrect?
    1.Prabhu teaches Maths
    2.Pallavi teaches in hindi
    3.Prem teaches Physics
    4.Priya teaches English
    5.All are correct
  • Directions (6 to 10): Answer the questions based on the information given below:
    Aparna, Aruna, Arya, Ashwini and Anu are five women sitting in a line facing south – while Aditya, Akash,  Anand, Ashok and Akshay are five men sitting in a second line parallel to the first line and are facing North.  All of them are residents of a five storey building. There are two people living one each floor of the  building.Aruna, who is sitting to the immediate left of Ashwini, is facing Akshay, who lives on the floor below Aruna. Arya, who lives on the same floor as Akshay, is on one of the extreme ends of her line. Akash who lives on  the topmost floor is on one of the extreme ends of his line. Anu sits opposite to Anand and both live on the same floor, which is two floors below Akash.Anand’sneighbourAditya lives on the same floor as Aruna and he faces Arya who lives on the floor below him. Ashwini lives on the same floor as Akash. Akshay is on the immediate left of Akash who faces Aparna, who lives on the floor below Akash.
  • 6)Who is sitting third to the right of the man on the third floor ?
    5.None of these
  • 7)Which two persons live on the fourth floor?1.Akshay – Anu
    2.Ashok – Aruna
    3.Akash – Ashwini
    4.Ashok -Aparna
    5.None of these
  • 8)If Anu is related to Aruna and Ashok is related to Akash in the same way Aditya is related to?1.Anand
  • 9)Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence they form a group. Which one of the following does not belong to that group? 
  • 10)Who is sitting opposite to the person who is second to the right of Ashok?1.Aruna
  • 1)3
  • 2)4
  • 3)5
  • 4)2
  • 5)5
  • 6)2
  • 7)4
  • 8)3
  • 9)3
  • 10)2