Tuesday, 21 February 2017


In each of the following questions, five statements conveying the same idea are given. Select the one which expresses the idea in the most concise manner and mark its number as your answer. Please note that all of them may be grammatically correct and mean the same but you have to select the most concise way of expressing the idea.
  1. Sometimes I think I can hear the wailing from ships and people descending in the deep grave.
    1) descends into the deep grave
    2) descending onto the deep grave
    3) descending into the deep grave
    4) descendings into the deep graves
    5) No correction required.
  2. With air pollution causing 1.1 million premature deaths that year, India also needs to get into mission mode like China.
    1) India need also to get in
    2) India also needs for get into
    3) India needs also with get in
    4) India also needs of get into
    5) No correction required.
  3. What’s equally critical is that clean commitments are as following up with proper resource allocation and action on the ground.
    1) are followed along with proper
    2) are followed up with proper
    3) are followed through with proper
    4) are followed suit with proper
    5) No correction required.
  4. Centre and states must cooperate and strategise for deliver change on a comprehensive, nationwide scale.
    1) to deliver change on a comprehensive
    2) to delivered change on a comprehensives
    3) to deliver change at a comprehensive
    4) to delivered change in a comprehensive
    5) No correction required.
  5. Controlling vehicular pollution means increasing the supply at reliable publics transport.
    1) the supply in reliable public
    2) the supply for reliable public
    3) the supply of reliable public
    4) the supply with reliable public
    5) No correction required.
  6. Managing blazing mountains of garbage requires modern waste management practices.
    1) with garbage requires modern
    2) of garbage requirement modern
    3) of garbage require modern
    4) for garbage requirements the modern
    5) No correction required.
  7. The above data are presented in the State of Global Air 2017 report released in Boston on Tuesday.
    1) onto data is presented in the
    2) upon data was presented in the
    3) above data is presented in the
    4) into data has presented at the
    5) No correction required.
  8. We must make a priority out of fighting that explosive public health challenge.
    1) a priority out of fighting this
    2) a priority out of fighting those
    3) a priority in of fighting this
    4) a priority of fighting this
    5) No correction required.
  9. The contrast with China, which has been fighted air pollution in mission mode, is stark.
    1) has been fighting for air pollution in
    2) has been fighting air pollution in
    3) have been fighting air pollution in
    4) has been fights air pollution in
    5) No correction required.
  10. Although the warning signs have been the billowed on the polluted air of urban India policymakers remain strangely apathetic.
    1) has been billowing into the polluted
    2) had been billowing in the pollute
    3) have billowing in the polluted
    4) have been billowing in the polluted
    5) No correction required.
1.Answer – 3)
Explanation :  descending into the deep grave grammatically correct and more concise.

2.Answer – 5)
Explanation : No correction required.
Given sentence is correct.

3.Answer – 2)
Explanation : are followed up with proper grammatically correct and more concise. Phrasal Verbs of follow
follow along
To move or proceed in unison or in accord with an example: followed along with thesong.
follow through
1. Sports To carry a stroke to natural completion after hitting or releasing a ball or other object.
2. To carry an act, project, or intention to completion; pursue fully: followed through on her promise to fix the oven.
follow up
To increase the effectiveness or enhance the success of by further action: followed up her interview with an email.
as follows
As will be stated next. Used to introduce a specified enumeration, explanation, or command.
follow (one’s) nose
1. To move straight ahead or in a direct path.
2. Informal To be guided by instinct: had no formal training but became a success by following his nose.
follow suit
1. Games To play a card of the same suit as the one led.
2. To do as another has done; follow an example.

4.Answer – 1)
Explanation :  to deliver change on a comprehensive grammatically correct and more concise.

5.Answer – 3)
Explanation : the supply of reliable public is grammatically correct and more concise.
preposition of is appropriate as per sentence hence option three will be correct choice.

6.Answer – 5)
Explanation : No correction required.
Given sentence is correct.

7.Answer – 3)
Explanation : above data is presented in the is grammatically correct and more concise.

8.Answer – 1)
Explanation : a priority out of fighting this is grammatically correct and more concise.

9.Answer – 2)
Explanation : has been fighting air pollution in is grammatically correct and more concise.

10.Answer – 4)
Explanation : have been billowing in the polluted is grammatically correct and more concise.