Friday, 10 February 2017

IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (hyderabad) - 1

My interview experience(satish raju)
Date:09-02-17, time:3.30 pm
Interview place:andra bank, koti
Panal no:1, panal consists of 5 members 1F,4M
I entered into room with permission and wished them
They said take your seat

Me:thank you sir and sat
M1:your name is dhupati satish raju
Me:yes sir
M1:dhupati...?  i heard this some where else
Me:yes sir in kancha movie the hero initial sir
They are discussing about the name dhupati hari babu and smiled
M1:asked me core question regarding transmission lines
Me:i can't recollect now sir
M3:tell some thing about forex reserves
Me:forex reserves are maintained by country's central bank in the form of forien currency
M4:tell me 5 currencys which are maintained
Me:us doller, japanese yen, Chinese yuan, pound sterling
M1:one more
Me:euro sir
M1:ok what is today's doller rate
Me:sir i don't know accurately
M1:no problem u can tell approximately
Me:sir it is 67
F1:who got bharatha ratna in 2015
Me:i didn't remember madam
M3:diff types of services offered by bank except deposits and loans
Me:i said cheque, credit card, debit card, insurence, remittance, letter of credit
M1:explain about letter of credit
Me:letter of credit is given by the bank on behalf of buyer to the seller
M3:asked about debit card
Me:said we can with draw the money what we
M1:in atm machine what can we do with debit card other than with drawing cash
Me:balence enquiry, mini statement, pin change , card to card transfer
M4:asked types of deposits
Me:saving, current, recurring, bulk, fixed
M1:diff b/w fixed and recurring
Me:in fixed deposit the money will be deposited for fixed period of time untill then we can't take, in recurring we have to deposite certain amount of money every month
M3:in fixed if we want money before the maturity period we can't take..?
Me:we can take sir but bank will charge some money
M1:do u have bank account
Me:yes sir in sbi
M1:do have mobile application
Me:yes sir i have BHIM app
M3:have your done successfully transaction using this app
Me:yes sir
M1:ok satish u can go now
Me:thanked all
Total it takes around 10 minutes
Thank you and all best

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