Thursday, 18 February 2016

Digital Current Affairs:February 18th

Shortcut of the day:Qunatitative Aptitude

                                              SHORTCUT OF THE DAY
If a train crosses  L1  m and  L2  m long brings or platform or tunnel in T1  seconds and  T2 seconds respectively , then the length of the train is { (L1 T2 –L2T1)/(T1-T2)}meters  and the speed of the train is [(L1-L2)/(T1-T2)]  m/sec.

Ex:  A  train crosses 210 metres 122 metres long  bridge in 25 seconds and 17 seconds respectively . Find the length and speed of the train.
Sol:     Applying the above theorem, we have the length of the train                                                                                                       
                                (210*17-122*25)/(25-17)= 520/8= 65 m

              And  speed of the train  
                               (210-122)/(25-17)=88/8=11 m/s

Vocabulary Of The Day(FEB 18th Hindu Editorial)

              TOPIC-1:Right step on savings schemes.

            The 25-basis points reduction in interest rates on short-tenure small savings schemes from April 1 may have come as a huge disappointment for countless savers. For the middle class, especially for millions of retired persons, these schemes are risk-free, and provide safe parking slots for their hard-earned money. The returns these schemes offer also help them balance their budget. Read in this light, the decision to pare the interest rates on these schemes, even if only by a small measure, is bound to put the National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre in an uncomfortable position vis-à-vis a crucial component of society, the middle class, which is considered the core constituency of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The decision, however, must be viewed in the context of the big picture that is emerging on the national economy. The Reserve Bank of India cut the key policy rate by a total of 125 basis points in 2015, and it has only been partially transmitted to end-borrowers. In fact, a little less than half of this reduction had been passed on by banks to their clients. The problem, in a way, lies in the peculiar predicament the banks find themselves in. It is easy to put banks on the mat for not passing on the rate reduction to customers. Already under huge stress, they can do so only if they could correspondingly cut their deposit rates. But there is a catch here. The deposit mobilisation exercise of banks often encounters competition from these small savings schemes. By reducing the interest rates on short-term savings schemes, the government has sought to erase the ‘return advantage’ they currently enjoy over similar-tenure government securities. Indeed, it has set the stage for a uniform interest rate regime — at least from a short-term perspective — and cleared a major roadblock for banks in cutting their deposit rates, and eventually the lending rates as well. Viewed from this perspective, the move is a welcome one.

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