Saturday, 8 October 2016


I. Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions
There are Seven Lecturers – A, B, C, D, E, F and G taught seven subjects,viz., Maths, Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, English and Statistics on one day in a week starting from Monday and ending on Sunday (of the same week). There will be separate timings for each lecture.
Note: Total hours taken by all the lecturers = 18 hours. The minimum and maximum timing of any lecture will be one hour and five hour respectively. There are two pairs of timings that can be followed by four lecturers.
  • Chemistry is taught on Thursday. English is neither taught on Tuesday nor on Saturday.
    The Botany professor gave lecture immediately after the lecturer A. B is not a Chemistry Professor.
  • Maths is taught for one hour. The Professor B gave his lecture on one of the days before Friday. Either the professor E or the professor F not gave his lecture on Sunday. Professor F gave his lecture immediately after E. Lecturer A spent more time than Lecturer C.
  • Time taken by lecturer C is the sum of time taken by the lecturers B and F. Subjects Maths & Zoology are taught for same duration. The lecturer who took maximum time is immediately preceded by the person who took less than one hour of maximum time.
  • The difference between the subjects taught on Friday and Sunday is equalled to the time taken by the lecturer A. Professor who gave maths lecture immediately preceded and followed by C and G respectively.
  • Professor who gave lecture on Sunday spent less than three hours. Only one lecture is held between Chemistry and Botany. Zoology is taught after two days of maths lecture. Statistics is neither taught on Monday nor Sunday.
  • Botany is not taught on the immediate next day on which Zoology is taught.
    Physics is taught on Monday.
  • 1)Which of the following Subject is taught by A ?
    A. Statistics
    B. Chemistry
    C. Zoology
    D. Physics
    E. English
  • 2)Which of the following combinations is True with respect to the given arrangement?
    A. Maths – Wednesday
    B. Chemistry – Friday
    C. Zoology – Wednesday
    D. Physics – Friday
    E. English – Sunday
  • 3)If all the persons are made to arrange in alphabetical order from Monday to Sunday, positions of how many persons will remain unchanged?
    A. Four
    B. None
    C. Two
    D. One
    E. Three
  • 4)Professor D gave lecture for how many hours?
    A. One hour
    B. Two hours
    C. None of the given options is true.
    D. Three hours
    E. Four hours
  • 5)Who among the following gave lecture immediately after F?
  • A. B
    B. E
    C. A
    D. D
    E. F
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