Wednesday, 10 February 2016


1)There is sufficient food for 360 men for 38 days. After 8 days, 90 men left the place. For how many days will the remaining food last for rest of the men?
1) 36 days
2) 40 days
3) 45 days
4) 48 days
5) None of these

2)A is 30% more efficient than B. How much time will they, working together, take to complete a job which A alone could have done in 23 days?
a) 11 days
b) 13 days
c) 20 days
d) 15 days
e) None of these

3)In a class of 45 students and 8 teachers, each student got sweets that are 20% of the total number of students and each teacher got sweets that are 40% of the total number of students. How many sweets were there?
a) 484
b) 549
c) 600
d) 449
e) 550

4)A person sold 1/3 of a commodity at 20% profit,  1/5 at 30% profit and the rest at 10% profit. If the total profit earned by him is Rs. 156 then find the cost price of the commodity.
1) Rs. 720
2) Rs. 800
3) Rs. 840
4) Rs. 900
5) Rs. 960

5)If separate teams of four or six or eleven students are made from the students of a class, three students are left in each case. The smallest possible number of students in the class is

6)A.train covers a distance of 880 km in 16 hours. What is the average speed of the car, if the speed of the car is 30% less than the speed of the train?
a)71.5 kmph
b)60 kmph
c)38.5 kmph
d)40 kmph
e)37.5 kmph

7)A does half as much work as B in three-fourth of the time. If together they take 18 days to complete the work, how much time shall B take to do it?
a) 30 days
b) 40 days
c) 15 days
d)24 days
e) None of these

8) A man can row 8 km/h in still water. If the river is running at 6 kmp/h it takes 30 hours more to go upstream than to go downstream for the same distance. What is the distance?

1) 35 km
2) 50 km
3) 64 km
4) 70 km

5) 80 km

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