Thursday, 11 February 2016


(Q.1) On which date does India observe ‘National Deworming Day’ – an initiative focused on reducing the threat of parasitic worm infections among school children?
a.    9th February
b.    10th February
c.    11th February
d.    12th February
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Answer: (b)

(Q.2) What is India’s rank out of 38 countries for its intellectual property rights environment as per annual Intellectual Property Index released by the United States Chamber of Commerce (USCC)?
a.    37th
b.    36th
c.    35th
d.    34th
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Answer: (a)

(Q.3) Which country has topped annual Intellectual Property Index released by the United States Chamber of Commerce (USCC)?
a.    Germany
b.    Japan
c.    United States
d.    Sweden
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Answer: (c)
(Q.4) Who among the following Indian-Americans have been selected to the prestigious US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) to be part of its new list of 80 members for their valuable contributions to the society?
a.    Anil K Jain and Dr. Arati Prabhakar
b.    Ganesh Thakur and Dr. KR Sridhar
c.    None of the above
d.    Both (a) and (b)
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Answer: (d)

(Q.5) Name the veteran Bengali Film Director who passed away in February 2016
a.    Aurobindo Mukherjee
b.    Sudhesh Das
c.    Sudhesh Mukherjee
d.    Aurobindo Das
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Answer: (a)

(Q.6) Who among the following has become the first cricketer to play 100 consecutive test matches (without missing any game)?
a.    AB De Villiers, South Africa
b.    Brendon McCullum, New Zealand
c.    Hashim Amla, South Africa
d.    Chris Gayle, West Indies
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Answer: (b)

(Q.7) Which country has retained its position as the world’s highest milk producing country in 2014-2015?
a.    Denmark
b.    New Zealand
c.    India
d.    Australia
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Answer: (c)
(Q.8) The 3rd edition of Taj Literature Festival will be held in which city from 26th February 2016?
a.    Jaipur
b.    Varanasi
c.    Bhopal
d.    Agra
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Answer: (d)

(Q.9) Name the world’s oldest aircraft carrier that is all set to be converted into a luxury hotel to attract tourists once it is decommissioned from service in June 2016
a.    INS Viraat
b.    INS Vikrant
c.    INS Vikramaditya
d.    INS Vishal
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Answer: (a)

(Q.10) The Noor Complex – which will be world’s largest concentrated solar power plant when completed, is located in which country?
a.    Brazil
b.    Morocco
c.    Egypt
d.    Algeria
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Answer: (b)