Sunday, 10 January 2016



(Q.1) Name the codename given to mission for eliminating terrorists who attacked Pathankot airbase in first week of January 2016
a.                              ‘Operation Black Fox’
b.                              ‘Operation Pathan’
c.                              ‘Operation Dhangu’
d.                              ‘Operation Dhaavaa’
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Answer: (c)

(Q.2) Which Indian state has recently launched ‘Little Police’ concept aimed at inculcating a sense of law and order amongst youngsters in the state?
a.                              Goa
b.                              Assam
c.                              Himachal Pradesh
d.                              Rajasthan
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Answer: (a)

(Q.3) ______________ has announced the appointment of Akshay Kothari as country manager for India
a.                              Twitter
b.                              Facebook
c.                              LinkedIn
d.                              Apple
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Answer: (c)
(Q.4) The world’s largest blue star sapphire, weighing 1404.49 carets and valued at an astonishing $100 million, has been found in which country?
a.                              South Africa
b.                              Nigeria
c.                              Bhutan
d.                              Sri Lanka
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Answer: (d)

(Q.5) Labhshankar Thakar who recently passed away was a noted:
a.                              Gujarati Journalist
b.                              Gujarati Theatre Artist
c.                              Gujarati Actor
d.                              Gujarati Litterateur
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Answer: (d)

(Q.6) Name the world renowned French Composer and conductor who passed away in January 2016
a.                              Pierre Sarkozy
b.                              Pierre Boulez
c.                              Pierre Bruni
d.                              Pierre Hollande
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Answer: (b)

(Q.7) Who among the following has been elected as President of Indian Science Congress for 2017-18?
a.                              Achyuta Mahanta
b.                              Chitra Mahanta
c.                              Achyuta Samanta
d.                              Chitra Samanta
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Answer: (c)
(Q.8) Who among the following has become the first Indian actor to register a win at the People Choice Awards (American Awards)?
a.                              Parineeti Chopra
b.                              Vidhya Balan
c.                              Deepika Padukone
d.                              Priyanka Chopra
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Answer: (d)

(Q.9) Which Indian female shooter has won gold medal and emerged as the ‘Shooter of the Tournament’ in the Swedish Cup Grand Prix?
a.                              Apurvi Chandela
b.                              Anjali Bhagwat
c.                              Heena Sidhu
d.                              Vijayalakshmi Nair
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Answer: (a)

(Q.10) Which cricket team has decided to withdraw from U19 World Cup, to be held in Bangladesh from 27th January 2016, citing security reasons?
a.                              England
b.                              Australia
c.                              New Zealand
d.                              India
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Answer: (b)
(Q.11) ‘Pravasi Bhartiya Divas’ is celebrated in India on which date annually?
a.                              8th January
b.                              9th January
c.                              10th January
d.                              11th January
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Answer: (b)

(Q.12) Name the initiative being carried out by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs in coordination with the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Government, that aims at exposing youth from Jammu & Kashmir to the vibrant development and vitality of culture of people residing in other states of the country
a.                              Watan Ko Jano
b.                              Bharat Darshan
c.                              Desh Yatra
d.                              Mera Desh Meri Shaan
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Answer: (a)

(Q.13) Name the indigenously built, stealth Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) corvette that was commissioned in Indian Navy in January 2016
a.                              INS Manvaar
b.                              INS Maanjhi
c.                              INS Kadmatt
d.                              INS Aandhi
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Answer: (c)
(Q.14) The Centre has issued a notification to permit Tamil Nadu’s traditional bull-taming sport, ahead of the Pongal festival. This sport is popularly referred to as:
a.                              Pallikattu
b.                              Nallikattu
c.                              Challikattu
d.                              Jallikattu
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Answer: (d)

(Q.15) Which Indian city will host 11th Global Communication Association International Conference on 28th and 29th January 2016?
a.                              Mysuru
b.                              Jaipur
c.                              Bhopal
d.                              Varanasi
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Answer: (a)

(Q.16) ‘Shakti-2016’, that was conducted in Rajasthan in January 2016, was a joint military exercise between India and _____________
a.                              United States
b.                              France
c.                              United Kingdom
d.                              Australia
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Answer: (b)

(Q.17) Pavan Kapoor has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to which country?
a.                              Pakistan
b.                              Bangladesh
c.                              Israel
d.                              Japan
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Answer: (c)
Q.18) Who has been appointed as Chairman of Competition Commission of India?
a.                              Rajendra Kumar
b.                              Devendra Rathod
c.                              Rajendra Rathod
d.                              Devendra Kumar
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Answer: (d)

(Q.19) Temba Bavuma is associated with which sport?
a.                              Baseball
b.                              Basketball
c.                              Cricket
d.                              Football
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Answer: (c)

(Q.20) National Conference on Sustainable Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare will be held on 17th and 18th January 2016 in which North – Eastern Indian city?
a.                              Guwahati, Assam
b.                              Gangtok, Sikkim
c.                              Shillong, Meghalaya
d.                              Itanager, Arunachal Pradesh
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Answer: (b)