Monday, 18 January 2016

January 18th Current Affairs MCQS.................


(Q.1) India will collaborate with _________ to set up a National Water Informatics Centre in Delhi as a part of a Central flood forecasting system
a.                              Japan
b.                              France
c.                              Germany
d.                              United States
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Answer: (b)

(Q.2) Who among the following has been elected to the Board of Directors of China sponsored Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)?
a.                              Dinesh Sharma
b.                              Rakesh Verma
c.                              Dinesh Verma
d.                              Rakesh Sharma
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Answer: (a)

(Q.3) Parshuram Temple was in news, as it broke its 400 year tradition by allowing women and dalits. Parshuram Temple is located in which state?
a.                              Jharkhand
b.                              West Bengal
c.                              Uttarakhand
d.                              Chhattisgarh
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Answer: (c)
(Q.4) In January 2016, which South American Country declared 2 month ‘Financial Emergency’ to control the economic crisis which has occurred due to low oil prices?
a.                              Argentina
b.                              Brazil
c.                              Chile
d.                              Venezuela
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Answer: (d)

(Q.5) Anil Ganguly, who passed away in January 2016, was a noted:
a.                              Filmmaker
b.                              Journalist
c.                              Historian
d.                              Football Player
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Answer: (a)

(Q.6) M.V. Paylee Award is associated with which field?
a.                              Medicinal Research
b.                              Academics
c.                              Journalism
d.                              Public Administration
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Answer: (b)

(Q.7) Who among the following has been selected for M.V. Paylee Award for best Academician?
a.                              John James
b.                              Jancy Freitas
c.                              Jancy James
d.                              John Freitas
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Answer: (c)
(Q.8) V Rama Rao who passed away in January 2016, was a former Governor of which Indian State?
a.                              Uttarakhand
b.                              Gujarat
c.                              Rajasthan
d.                              Sikkim
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Answer: (d)

(Q.9) Which novel by Anuradha Roy has been chosen for prestigious $50000 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature?
a.                              Sleeping on Jupiter
b.                              Sleeping on Mars
c.                              Sleeping on Moon
d.                              Sleeping on Sun
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Answer: (a)

(Q.10) Vicktor Troicki has won Apia International Sydney title in Men’s Singles category. Vicktor Troicki belongs to which country?
a.                              Croatia
b.                              Serbia
c.                              Russia
d.                              Belarus
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Answer: (b)