Wednesday, 27 January 2016

JAN 23rd TO 26th CURRENT AFFAIRS..............


(Q.1) Indian has signed a financing agreement with ____________ for Bihar Kosi River Basin Development Project
a.                              Asian Development Bank
b.                              World Bank
c.                              International Monetary Fund
d.                              New Development Bank
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Answer: (b)

(Q.2) Which will be the first state in the country where women employees in government jobs can avail up to 180 days’ maternity leave while having a baby through surrogacy?
a.                              Maharashtra
b.                              West Bengal
c.                              Gujarat
d.                              Karnataka
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Answer: (a)

(Q.3) 15th to 21st January every year is celebrated as _________ week in India
a.                              Immunisation Week
b.                              Cleanliness Week
c.                              PIN Code Week
d.                              Health Week
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Answer: (c)
(Q.4) As per US News and World Report survey, which is the best country in the world for women to live in
a.                              Switzerland
b.                              United States
c.                              Norway
d.                              Denmark
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Answer: (d)

(Q.5) Pavel Filip has been sworn in as the Prime Minister of which East European country?
a.                              Moldova
b.                              Ukraine
c.                              Georgia
d.                              Belarus
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Answer: (a)

(Q.6) Who has been appointed as new chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)?
a.                              Atulesh Scindia
b.                              Atulesh Jindal
c.                              Sujit Scindia
d.                              Sujit Jindal
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Answer: (b)
(Q.7) Ettore Scola, who passed away in January 2016, was a noted:
a.                              American Mathematician
b.                              Italian Mathematician
c.                              Italian Screen Writer and Film Director
d.                              American Screen Writer and Film Director
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Answer: (c)
(Q.8) Nirmala Gajwani, who passed away in January 2016 was a noted:
a.                              Novel Writer
b.                              Indian Classical Dancer
c.                              Indian Historian
d.                              Social Worker
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Answer: (d)

(Q.9) Who among the following has become the first Male Tennis player to win 300 Grand Slam Matches?
a.                              Roger Federer
b.                              Novak Djokovic
c.                              Andy Murray
d.                              Rafael Nadal
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Answer: (a)

(Q.10) Largest tri-colour (293 feet high, measuring 99X66 feet) has been hoisted atop a pole at Pahari Mandir, located in _________
a.                              Jaipur
b.                              Ranchi
c.                              Bengaluru
d.                              Raipur
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Answer: (b)
(Q.11) India celebrates ‘National Girl Child Day’ on which date every year?
a.                              23rd January
b.                              24th January
c.                              25th January
d.                              26th January
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Answer: (b)

(Q.12) First Solar Power operated Mini-Water Supply Plant has been commissioned in a village of _________ district of Maharashtra
a.                              Nagpur
b.                              Nashik
c.                              Kolhapur
d.                              Latur
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Answer: (a)

(Q.13) Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has won Presidential elections of which European country?
a.                              Italy
b.                              Spain
c.                              Portugal
d.                              Greece
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Answer: (c)
(Q.14) France will assist India in development of which three Smart Cities?
a.                              Rajkot, Jaipur & Nagpur
b.                              Nagpur, Puducherry & Amritsar
c.                              Rajkot, Puducherry & Raipur
d.                              Nagpur, Puducherry & Chandigarh
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Answer: (d)

(Q.15) Which country hosted the first India-Arab Ministerial meet in January 2016?
a.                              Bahrain
b.                              Saudi Arabia
c.                              United Arab Emirates
d.                              Oman
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Answer: (a)

(Q.16) Pandit Shakar Ghosh, who passed away in January 2016 was an exponent of which musical instrument?
a.                              Shehnai
b.                              Tabla
c.                              Sitar
d.                              Sarod
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Answer: (b)

(Q.17) As per a list of ‘World’s Best Countries, prepared by US News and World Report and New York-based brand consultancy BAV Consulting and Wharton School of Business, _____________ is at the top position
a.                              United States
b.                              United Kingdom
c.                              Germany
d.                              Sweden
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Answer: (c)
(Q.8) India has ranked _________, in the list of ‘World’s Best Countries, prepared by US News and World Report and New York-based brand consultancy BAV Consulting and Wharton School of Business
a.                              19th
b.                              20th
c.                              21st
d.                              22nd
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Answer: (d)

(Q.9) Who among the following has won Malaysia Masters Grand Prix Gold Badminton Title?
a.                              P V Sindhu
b.                              Jwala Gutta
c.                              Ashwani Ponnappa
d.                              Saina Nehwal
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Answer: (a)

(Q.10) Which date is celebrated as ‘National Voters’ Day’ in India every year?
a.                              24th January
b.                              25th January
c.                              26th January
d.                              27th January
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Answer: (b)
(Q.21) India celebrates ‘National Voters’ Day’ on 25th January every year. What was the 2016 theme of National Voters Day?
a.                              ‘Encouraging Youth Participation’
b.                              ‘Inclusive and Qualitative Electoral Participation’
c.                              ‘Fair Electoral Participation’
d.                              ‘Electoral Awareness and Inclusion’
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Answer: (b)

(Q.22) According to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) data, approximately _________ % of India’s coastline is prone to cyclones and tsunamis
a.                              76%
b.                              51%
c.                              46%
d.                              24%
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Answer: (a)

(Q.23) What is the title of the book, brought out by Election Commission of India on 25thJanuary 2016?
a.                              India Votes
b.                              Matdata Mahotsav
c.                              Belief in the Ballot
d.                              Matdata Kalyan
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Answer: (c)
(Q.24) Which state Govt. has launched ‘Giriputrika Kalyana Pathakam’, a scheme designed to provide a onetime financial assistance of Rs.50000 to each tribal woman who gets married?
a.                              Jharkhand
b.                              Chhattisgarh
c.                              Bihar
d.                              Andhra Pradesh
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Answer: (d)

(Q.25) Kalpana Ranjani, who passed away in January 2016, was a famous:
a.                              Malayalam Actress
b.                              Malayalam Journalist
c.                              Malayalam Novel Writer
d.                              Malayalam Historian
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Answer: (a)

(Q.26) Who has been appointed as the chairman and managing director of the General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC Re)?
a.                              Smita Vaidyan
b.                              Alice Vaidyan
c.                              Alice Kurien
d.                              Smita Kurien
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Answer: (b)
Alice Vaidyan is the first woman to be appointed to such post not only in the GIC Re, but the first in the Indian insurance sector

(Q.27) Which country has won the Cricket’s first T20 Blind Asia Cup?
a.                              Pakistan
b.                              Sri Lanka
c.                              India
d.                              Bangladesh
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Answer: (c)
(Q.28) Which Indian state celebrated 46th Statehood Day on 25th January 2016?
a.                              Gujarat
b.                              Maharashtra
c.                              Odisha
d.                              Himachal Pradesh
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Answer: (d)

(Q.29) Which among the following has become the first beach in India to have WiFi connectivity?
a.                              Malpe Beach, Karnataka
b.                              Candolim Beach, Goa
c.                              Kollam Beach, Kerala
d.                              Dwarka Beach, Gujarat
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Answer: (a)

(Q.30) Who among the following is a Padma Bhushan Awardee 2016?
a.                              Rajinikanth
b.                              Anupam Kher
c.                              Priyanka Chopra
d.                              Ajay Devgn
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Answer: (b)