Sunday, 3 January 2016

Current Affairs Quiz for 3rd December

Q.1) Arunima Sinha, the amputee mountaineer who set a record by climbing the Mount Everest, has added another feather in her cap by conquering Mount Aconcagua. In which country is Mount Aconcagua located?
  1. Chile
  2. Argentina
  3. Brazil
  4. Mexico
Q.2) A one man Committee to examine the wage structure, service conditions, etc. of the Gramin Dak Sevaks in the Department of Posts has been constituted by the Government of India. Who is the only member of this committee?
  1. Kamlesh Chandra
  2. Vimlesh Chandra
  3. Kamlesh Jha
  4. Vimlesh Jha
(Q.3) Which state has become the first to accept e-motor insurance policies?
  1. Jharkhand
  2. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Telangana
  4. Karnataka
(Q.4) Carnatic Singer ______________ has been conferred Sangeetha Kalanidhi Award 2015
  1. Nithyasree Mahadevan
  2. Sudha Raghunathan
  3. P Unnikrishnan
  4. Sanjay Subrahmanyan
(Q.5) First edition of Science Film Festival of India (SCI-FFI) will be held on 14thJanuary 2016 at ______
  1. Goa
  2. Rajasthan
  3. Himachal Pradesh
  4. Maharashtra
(Q.6) Natalie Cole who recently passed away was a well-known:
  1. American Journalist
  2. American Singer
  3. American Sports Commentator
  4. American Female Rights Activist
(Q.7) Name the mosquito-borne virus which recently caused rise in a serious neurological disorder among newborns in Brazil
  1. Mika
  2. Pika
  3. Zika
  4. Dika
(Q.8) Shekhar Saran has taken over as Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Ltd (CMPDI). Where is CMPDI located?
  1. Dhanbad, Jharkhand
  2. Siliguri, West Bengal
  3. Durgapur, West Bengal
  4. Ranchi, Jharkhand
(Q.9) What is the theme of 103rd edition of Indian Science Congress (ISC), the five-day annual meet, to be inaugurated on 3rd January 2016 by the PM Narendra Modi at the University of Mysore?
  1. Science and Technology for Indigenous Development in India
  2. Science and Technology for Inclusive Development in India
  3. Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in India
  4. Science and Technology for Global Peace
(Q.10) Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy is associated with which sport?
  1. Hockey
  2. Cricket
  3. Badminton
  4. Tennis