Friday, 9 October 2015

Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Oct 09, 2015

1)   Which Oscar winning composer has been named the cultural ambassador of Seychelles on October 8th 2015 for contribution in enhancing the art and cultural development of the country?

a. James Horner
b. Alex North
c. Alfred Newman
d. A. R. Rahman
ANSWER: A. R. Rahman
2)   Nobel Prize 2015 for Literature went to which famous author?

a. Patrick Modiano
b. Svetlana Alexeivich
c. Orhan Pamuk
d. None of the above
ANSWER: Svetlana Alexeivich
3)   Earth’s inner core was formed _______ billion years ago, according to research released on October 8 2015.

a. 1 billion
b. 1.5 billion
c. 1-1.5 bilion
d. 1.6 billion
ANSWER: 1-1.5 bilion
4)   IAF on 8th October 2015 celebrated which anniversary at Hindan Air Base in Ghaziabad?

a. 81st
b. 82nd
c. 85th
d. 83rd
ANSWER: 83rd
5)   For the ______ time in 2015, surface ozone pollution in Delhi has crossed the permissible limit.

a. First
b. Second
c. Third
d. Fourth
ANSWER: Second
6)   Gannet Co. has reached an agreement to acquire which newspaper company on October 8th 2015?

a. Journal Media Group
b. NYT
c. Bennet and Coleman
d. None of the above
ANSWER: Journal Media Group
7)   Which group has entered into partnership with Abraaj Group, leading investor in global growth markets for constructing large scale renewable energy platform through development of utility scale solar power plants in the nation?

a. Mahindras
b. TATA Group
c. Aditya Birla Group
d. None of the above
ANSWER: Aditya Birla Group